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As we begin the month of May we are still very much in the Easter season.  This year May is rich with celebrations as well as being the month dedicated to Our Lady.  We celebrate the Feast of St Joseph the Worker at the beginning of the month, closely followed by the Feast of the English Martyrs.  Thursday 10 May is the Feast of the Ascension, now restored

once again to a Thursday celebration.


On the Sunday following Ascension Day we celebrate World Communications Day, a day established following the second Vatican Council by Pope Paul VI to pray for and celebrate the work of all involved in communications and the media.  Each year the Holy Father issues a message and this year Pope Francis has chosen as his theme: ‘The truth will set you free’ (John 8:32). ‘Fake news and journalism for peace.’  He asks what is fake news and how can we recognise it and speaks of the truth that will set us free and of peace as the ‘true news’.


We also celebrate the anniversary of the Dedication of the Cathedral on Sunday 13 May, Pentecost Sunday on 20 May and the Feast of the Holy Trinity on Sunday 27 May.


Truly a month of prayerful celebration.

Welcome from the Editor

May is

rich with celebrations

Peter H