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This month we reflect on the ‘Service of Proclamation and Sending’ for Synod 2020 which took place in the Metropolitan Cathedral at the beginning of February.  It was a momentous occasion for the archdiocese with 1500 people gathered for the proclamation and the commissioning of the 500 Synod Members.  


Following the year of prayer and reflection which took place leading to the Adoremus Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress the process of discernment and listening now takes place.  We must all play our part, not least in prayer.


The last Synod in the archdiocese was held in 1955, but this month our Archdiocesan Archivist, Neil Sayer, looks back to the very first one held in 1853 with 150 members, all priests, who were instructed in Latin and English to bring ‘a Cassock, Surplice, Red Stole, and Biretta’.  Times have changed.


We also look back on this year’s meeting of the Holy Land Coordination.  Delegates stayed in Haifa with a focus on Christians living within the State of Israel.  In their final communique they spoke of ‘Standing in solidarity with Israel’s Christians’; of ‘Human dignity under occupation’ and of ‘Hope for the future’.  Let us pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Welcome from the Editor

We must all play our part, not least in prayer

Peter H