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A very happy, peaceful and blessed new year to all.


As we welcome in the new year our cover this month shows a display from a conference held late last year by Asylum Link Merseyside with the theme ‘Welcoming the Stranger’.  It considered how best to welcome asylum seekers and refugees.  Steve Atherton reflects on the conference in his column this month.  As we welcome a new year it is a good time to consider how we welcome those who are beginning a new life in our country and also how we welcome others into our lives.  In a few moments of silence, we can also have time to think about how we welcome God into our lives.


So that we can extend a true welcome to all it is right that there are procedures in place to protect the young and the vulnerable in our communities.  Our main feature this month looks at the work of safeguarding in light of a training day held for our priests in the autumn.  One comment following the day was,’ an amazingly moving and informative day of safeguarding’.


If we can offer a place of safety, security and care, then we can be a welcoming community.

Welcome from the Editor

If we can offer a place of safety

Peter H