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Children from St Austin’s and Holy Trinity Primary Schools will be joining their choirs together with Catholic singer/songwriter, Joanne Wallace, to lift their ‘Voices in Faith’ for an evening of uplifting contemporary and traditional worship music, on Thursday 21st June at St Francis of Assisi Church, Garston.


The idea for the ‘Voices in Faith’ concert initially came from Joanne Wallace, who leads the music ministry in the Parish of St Wilfrid, Liverpool, which comprises of the former parish communities of St Bernadette, St Francis of Assisi, St Austin’s and Holy Trinity.  


As both primary schools have lost their parish churches through closures, it is increasingly important for members of the new parish community to be a visible presence within the schools.  Joanne is passionate about engaging children through Church music she loves (and writes herself) and is a familiar face within both schools as parish music ministry leader.  


The ‘Voices in Faith’ concert is an opportunity to develop links between the schools, engage children and their parents in church life and remind the children that they are members of a wider school and parish community with a shared voice.


Joanne regularly sings with her musical partner, Martin Fletcher at Masses, funerals and weddings in the diocese and they look to develop more ‘Voices in Faith’ projects in future, with children and young adults or where other schools and parishes are experiencing similar issues.


For further information about the ‘Voices In Faith’ Project, Email jowallacemusic@gmail.com  or visit www.joannewallace.co.uk

Voices in Faith

Parish community to be a visible presence within the schools

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