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In 1979 Mother Teresa was welcomed to the Metropolitan Cathedral by the then Administrator, Canon Michael O’Connor.  She was in the city to visit the Missionaries of Charity at their convent in Seel Street to support their work with the homeless.  She visited the Cathedral and later led the sisters in prayer and meditation before a public service in the then St Peter’s church, Seel Street.

She became St Teresa of Calcutta when she was canonised by Pope Francis on Sunday 4 September 2016.  In his homily the Pope said: ‘God is pleased by every act of mercy, because in the brother or sister that we assist, we recognise the face of God which no one can see.  Each time we bend down to the needs of our brothers and sisters, we give Jesus something to eat and drink.  We clothe, we help, and we visit the Son of God.  In a word, we touch the flesh of Christ.

‘We are thus called to translate into concrete acts that which we invoke in prayer and profess in faith.  There is no alternative to charity: those who put themselves at the service of others, even when they don’t know it, are those who love God.’

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