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by Maureen O’Brien

‘Will you teach me to pray’ is the title of a series of four books now available for children in reception classes.  In some schools each child has a prayer partner in Year 6 who presents them with the book at a Welcome Mass.  The books were produced following research into materials available to help parents pass on the faith to their children, during which five pilot schools asked parents of children in reception what help they needed in this area.

Archbishop Malcolm said ‘the books are splendid, and I am sure they would appeal to young children.  I hope the resource will be a great success and an encouragement to parents’.


Kate Dooley from St Basil’s Catholic Primary School in Widnes has been using the resources in school where a Year 6 pupil said, ‘at the Reception’s Welcome Mass, we all really enjoyed ourselves and meeting our prayer partners was an amazing experience. After Mass, we went back into class and read the book to them and got to know each other better.  Reception and Year 6 had a great day and we can’t wait to do it again.’


Reception pupils too enjoyed the experience, ‘‘We’ve got some big year 6 friends and they are prayer partners.  They say a prayer with us; they sing with us; they help us.  The books are very precious because they’re about God’.


Sonia Robinson’s twins, Fin and Mia, received their books in July last year, she says, ‘we thought this was a lovely gesture, and especially nice that it was given by their Year 6 prayer partner, who Fin and Mia looked up to and talked about frequently.  As a non-Catholic family, we thought this was a lovely way for us to start introducing the Catholic faith and God into our family, and a lovely opportunity for Fin and Mia to tell us all they had learned about God and Jesus in school’.


Fin said, ‘my prayer partner was very kind and must have liked me lots to give me a present before he went to big school’.  While Mia said ‘I really like reading the book because it has lots of colourful pictures and I like looking at all the different people in the world.  I like the God story because he loves us and is a very clever’.

The books can be ordered at www.liverpoolcatholic.org.uk/admin/formation-shop.


Further information is available from Maureen O’Brien Co-ordinator for Marriage and Family Life.  Tel 0151 522 1044  Email: m.obrien@rcaol.co.uk

Passing on the Faith to our children

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