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On Friday 22 October, staff and staff teams from Nugent, who were finalists in the National Children and Young People’s awards, travelled to Birmingham to be recognised for their work and their contribution to children’s services.  We had four finalists/teams and on the night, we had winners in the Registered Manager category, and the Fostering and Adoption category.


Registered Manager award

Dr Kate Herod, Head of Secure Children’s Services at St Catherine’s in St Helens, won the national Registered Manager award.  Originally, I nominated her for Registered Manager, North, however the judges were so blown away by her interview that they created a whole new award category just for her.

I nominated Kate because of the amazing outcomes for children as a result of the professionalism and dedication of her hard-working team.


Fostering and Adoption Award

Right at the end of National Adoption Week, Jo Lloyd and the Nugent Adoption team, also at St Catherine’s in St Helens, won the Fostering and Adoption award.

Our Adoption team is very special.  I nominated this team because families that are created with the help of our specialist adoption team, create relationships long after families are created and this means, even greater life chances for children.

Adding Jo to the Adoption team has created an excellent synergy between the team and the organisation and I anticipate that this team will be knocking on outstanding in their upcoming inspection.

Nugent has always helped people in need.  Normally we support over 6000 individuals every year.  During the pandemic, we helped over 8000.  Your continued support of our important work is always appreciated, whether that is a thank you to one of our staff or volunteers, or support at our events.

Nugent win two awards at the National Children and Young People’s awards

Nugent has always helped people in need