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Cath Pic Jubilee Issue-1

Nugent staff and volunteers continue to help vulnerable people across Merseyside during the Covid 19 global pandemic.  


We know we are in good company – many of you reading this, will have given help, or received help during this time. Our staff are keyworkers and have been leaving their own families, to help those in our care or who are in need.  Our teachers continue to offer education as well.  To all our teams and volunteers, and all others that are helping our communities, please know that you are extremely important and we appreciate that you are all living and working by our shared values, in providing essential services to those in need.


Every day, we are proud of what you are doing, in the way that you are doing it, and the courage and optimism you so openly and willingly share.


In time, when we are living our new reality, we will look back on these days with pride and satisfaction - that we gave our all, in a time when all the world, was globally brought together to help others through this shared experience.


Thank you and thank you to your families for supporting you in the work that you do.


Normandie Wragg

Chief Executive Nugent


Easter brings us hope, especially this year.  Your continued support and generosity helps us to continue to support families in crisis, in your local community, giving them the helping hand and hope they need to survive.


Caritas in Nugent runs a weekly food market from our Epsom Street centre in Kirkdale and demand is higher than ever due to the Coronavirus.  The food market supports people of all ages, including: working families, young mothers and older people from sheltered accommodation and provides supermarket quality food at really reduced prices: a full shopping basket for just over £5, compared to almost £30 at leading supermarkets.


Mrs M from Kirkby comes every week, she says, ‘I can’t afford to shop in the supermarkets, so I come here every week, it’s such good value, I can even buy little treats that I don’t normally have.’


The crisis is also affecting people who cannot get to the market, so we are now running a new delivery service, every Tuesday, across Liverpool, taking food to those that need it, ensuring that isolated older people or people who are ill, are not left without basic supplies.


What can you do to help?


Mrs H contacted us today: ‘I am currently self-isolating, and unable to go to my gym classes, so I thought I would donate the money I would have spent on that to Nugent’s food market, so it can help those who don’t have enough food.’


If you are working from home, or isolating yourself, you may be saving on travel costs, petrol, train and bus fares, gym memberships, even the cost of a night out with friends, so why not donate the equivalent amount to Nugent and we can then help others who are struggling to buy the basics for their families.

Perhaps you could donate £5, £10 or more, every donation helps to put food on the table of those suffering increased difficulties at this time, restoring their dignity and hope.


Donations can be made online at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fund/epsy 

We are very grateful for all your support and wish you all a safe, restful and peaceful Easter from everyone at Nugent.

My thanks to all that are helping…

Every day, we are proud of what you are doing