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Nugent’s Epsom Street Community Centre inspires us all.


Recently we had a launch event at our Epsom Street Community Centre in Kirkdale when we opened the brand new kitchen kindly donated by the John Lewis Liverpool Store.


The ‘Epsy’ is a vital project based in an area where over 50% of children live in poverty and 20% live ‘on the bread line.  The centre acts as a hub for the community, providing a safe space, a place to meet, and find support, there are free play sessions and children can come along an enjoy a free breakfast and lunch which is prepared by the children with support from the volunteers.


Last summer the team at Epsom Street made over 3,000 meals, for families who struggle to feed their children, in a tiny kitchen on one stove.  The staff at John Lewis put in a bid to their Community Support Fund on behalf of the ‘Epsy’, and a fund of £12,000 was approved.


Since this fabulous support was announced, the partnership has grown and John Lewis staff have become ‘part of the Epsy family’, the amount of work they have put in is amazing.


We have all been overwhelmed with the support we have received for the centre from John Lewis and the teams that have been part of the project, but more so have been inspired by the impact this has on the community, on the families, children and young people who are the ‘Epsy’.  Thank you to all of the companies, organisations, parishes, schools, and communities that support this centre.


The ownership they have of the centre, and the pride they have for their community, the strong relationship they have with the staff team, their welcoming attitude and their optimism in the face of adversity teaches us all to have faith in each other.


Normandie Wragg

Chief Executive Nugent Care

Together we are Nugent

the amount of work they have put in is amazing

n wragg