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Being a ‘Culturally Competent’ organisation requires us to further develop the ability to understand, communicate with and effectively interact with people across cultures.

Cultural competence encompasses being aware of one's own world view, developing positive attitudes towards cultural differences, gaining knowledge of different cultural practices and world views.

Over the past month I, like many CEO’s in the charitable sector, have been having important conversations with staff teams about equality, diversity and inclusivity to consider how we can learn, adapt, and evolve in response to these important issues, both internally and externally.  How we become culturally competent.

These issues are important to us because the people we care for, protect, educate and inspire, come from all walks of life, and so do we.  To this end I am proactively learning, listening, watching, and self-reflecting, as well as acknowledging my privilege, to embrace equality, diversity and inclusivity.

Personally, and in my role as CEO, I pledge to be even more vocal in highlighting issues of racism and inequality, and to support vital anti-racism work in opposing racism and promoting racial inclusion.

In order to turn my learning into action I have set several challenges for Nugent in the form of pledges which include:

• Conduct a staff listening exercise/forum for staff who have been affected by racism due to the colour of their skin

• Conduct an Equality Audit with our services and our charity

• Identify where we could improve our offer and culture to support our BAME beneficiaries

• Review our policies on inclusion, equality and diversity

• Ensure that our recruitment processes further reduce risk of unconscious bias and discrimination

• Increase BAME representation in the organisation to match the ethnicity profile of the Liverpool City Region 13.8%

Our values will be a key part of embedding these pledges in work: Integrity / Ambition / Courage / Compassion / Optimism / Respect / Dignity.

We have also released our anti-racism statement, outlining how we will turn learning into action and become culturally competent and inclusive throughout our work and lives.  Read our full statement at wearenugent.org


Normandie Wragg

Chief Executive Nugent


Alongside our Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity work, across Nugent we will be finding different ways of celebrating Black History Month during October, aimed at inspiring, educating and engaging the people we serve and reflecting the diversity of Nugent as an organisation.


Throughout all of our schools, care homes, and community services we’ll be reflecting how our organisation and culture has been enriched and our society made stronger through the influence of Black Britons across our 140-year history.


At Nugent House school in Billinge, Marydale Lodge in St Helens and Clumber Care in Formby our children and young people will be participating in a range of activities during their day to day learning but also through developmental activities that will enable students to orienteer their way through key BAME figures of recent history.Students will be taking part in Black History Month inspired cook outs, a drumming session from the music department and ‘reaching for the stars’ by understanding the story of ‘hidden figures’ including the BAME women mathematicians involved in the 1969 Apollo Moon landing.


And across our adult care residents will be talking part in activities looking at diversity and culture through memory and finding ways to reflect personal experience and celebrate our cultural differences.


We’ll be partnering with key organisations and groups across the archdiocese to engage our learning in ways that can have a long lasting impact on us as people and Nugent as an organisation.


You can find more about our Black History Month Activities at wearenugent.org or by following us on social media, search @wearenugent.


Our picture is of Kian from Nugent House School, you can see his Iaccord Rap here https://www.nugenthouse.co.uk/case-studies/rapper-kian-records-iaccord-rap/ 

Nugent Million Pennies Appeal – Children helping children

In order to turn my learning into action I have set several challenges for Nugent