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Just like the journey when Jesus joined the disciples on the road to Emmaus after the Resurrection, catechesis is often called a conversation or a partnership.  In June at St Teresa’s Church Hall in Upholland there is an opportunity to explore this partnership and conversation with people with disabilities in the parish setting and to learn new skills for catechesis.


Nugent together with the Department of Pastoral Formation are holding a morning devoted to ‘Living Fully - Hands on Catechesis’ with resources, workshops and ideas on how to work in partnership with people with disabilities in the parish.  This day is geared towards parish catechists, sacramental catechists, little Church catechists, clergy and young people pursuing the Faith in Action Award.  This is the perfect way to put faith into action.


The day includes workshops about Liturgical British Sign language, Messy Church, using Drama and Prayer resources.  There are sessions about all of these ways of catechesis within the parish setting that involve all ages and the entire parish community.


Living Fully is an initiative that seeks to ensure there is catechesis for all in our parishes of the Liverpool Archdiocese.  Enthusiasm and support for catechesis with persons with disabilities was recently strengthened by a trip in June 2016 to a conference hosted by the Pontifical Council for Culture and the Kairos Forum in Rome.  The conference brought together persons with disabilities, theologians, clergy, religious, families, and laity.  The events identified the unique role and powerful witness of the Church in making ‘Living Fully’ possible for everyone.  


From this historic conference in Rome followed an Archdiocesan Living Fully day of study in October 2017, bringing practical skills for worship and workshops exploring resources and good ideas.  Living Fully is an initiative that asks us to reflect on how all life is a gift from God and how every person has a valuable and dignified place within the Body of Christ.  These events also show what catechesis for all might look like in the parish setting and the legal responsibilities to provide catechesis for all.


Please join us on Saturday 23 June 2018 at St Teresa’s Church Hall, College Road, Upholland WN8 0PY from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon with tea and coffee from 9:30 am. RSVP formation@rcaol.co.uk or Tel: 1051 522 1040.




A culture of excellence - a recipe for thriving


I was asking recently how a charity survives in a challenging economy.  It is not a simple question to answer but I have thought about the right mix, or recipe that it may take to thrive.

The Recipe

•  250g of Skills and Experience

•  250g of Courage

•  250g of Compassion

•  100g of Ambition

•  150g of Faith/Optimism

Combine equal parts of Skills, Experience, Courage and Compassion.  Slowly fold in Ambition, Faith and Optimism until a consistent batter is achieved.  Place inside an oven (preferably one with adequate resources to suit your needs) and bake until absolutely perfect.  Add a dash of humour to taste.

Of course I am making light work of a serious topic, which is about diminishing resources in an ever growing area of need.  In these tough times, it is helpful to have a little bit of wittiness, and of course, well baked cake.

Normandie Wragg

Chief Executive


Hands on Catechesis supporting an inclusive Church

From this historic conference in Rome

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