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Nugent works at the heart of the community, providing that vital safety net for vulnerable children and adults, continuing the kind and essential work started by Father James Nugent in 1881 working to relieve poverty and create social reform.


Since our beginnings, the support of our parishes, community groups and supporters has been vital to our ability to provide help and care for people living in difficult circumstances.


Here in 2019 things are no different.  We continue to provide support and care where local government funding and austerity is impacting most, and this means that we rely on the support of our fantastic fundraising volunteers and supporter groups more than ever.


At the end of June we celebrated ‘We are Nugent’ Day with a host of events across our services to not only raise funds, but also to mark Father Nugent’s death on 27 June 1905.


The levels of participation from staff, volunteers, service users and the wider community was second to none; from car washes, bake sales, to tombolas, raffles and fancy dress, the whole organisation really got into the spirit of Nugent.  Our Charity of the Year partner, Liverpool Marriot Hotel also joined in the fun by encouraging staff to wear purple for the day.


We had a lot of fun across the week, ending with our 7K9 dog walk and show in Formby, and have raised over £3,500 so far.


The event was a fabulous example of people coming together to serve the greater good and our teams wholeheartedly embraced the ethos of our Founder, Father James Nugent.

Remembering Father Nugent

We had a lot of fun across the week, ending with our 7K9 dog walk and show

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