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Jesus says in St. Matthew’s Gospel: ‘Insofar as you did this to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it to me’.


Our Christian obligation is to help those in need and during Advent, Nugent will continue to offer help and support to individuals and families who are living in poverty.   During winter and Christmas, whilst we celebrate the birth of Christ and enjoy the warmth of family we need to be conscious of individuals huddled in doorways, sleeping rough on our streets and families who’s Christmas will be spent in cramped temporary accommodation or a hostel room with their children.


The facts speak for themselves:  over 307,000 people in Britain are homeless today, an increase of 13,000 in the last year alone. More than the population of Newcastle.

Over 4,700 people are estimated to be sleeping rough on any one night across the United Kingdom, a 15% increase on last year. A 169% increase since 2010.

150 families are made homeless in Britain every day.

There are over 125,000 homeless children living in Britain today.

In the last five years, the number of homeless families living in temporary accommodation has increased by 48%


At Nugent, as the pressure on our services increase, we need more support for those who are vulnerable and living in crisis.  Our Housing Support Unit (HSU) works with partners across the city to help homeless people and those in crisis through our New Beginnings Project.  People often come to us with nothing, so our HSU team provide starter packs of essential equipment to help them transition into temporary accommodation and permanent residence.


Your support matters as the impact of recent and continued changes to the benefits system has put greater pressure on our funds and our ability to support people and left some of our most vulnerable clients in extreme hardship and in crisis.


Donations to our Christmas Appeal this year will help provide the basic needs of someone facing homelessness:


£100 will pay for a full starter pack for someone entering our accommodation, or the purchase of white goods such a fridge or washing machine


£40 will pay for a full set of bedding (duvet pillows and sheets)


£20 will pay for a full set of pans


£10 will pay for a toaster and kettle


£5 will pay for a set of cutlery


The work of Nugent is inspired by Catholic Social Teaching, by supporting our work, we are putting the Gospel into action, reaching out and helping people in need.

Support our Christmas appeal and help be part of making a difference for people in danger of becoming homeless.


Donate online at: https://www.wearenugent.org/fundraising/andhomeless/

Help us help people avoid homelessness

Donate to Nugent’s Christmas Appeal 2018

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