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by Father Philip Inch and Father Matthew Nunes

Synod Moderators


At three gatherings that took place in March for secondary heads, primary heads and faith leaders, and secondary school chaplains, a phrase was continually brought to the fore: the Catholic School is, for many children and families, their main experience of what it means to be Church.


If this is true, and it would be hard to argue that it is not the case, then what we do in school to be the Church that God is calling us to be has a central place to play in our Synod deliberations.


A group has been meeting since the Autumn to look at ways in which we can hear the voices of all the people in our school communities.  They prepared the Synod Day for Primary Heads and Faith Leaders (to be repeated on Friday 10 May at St Joseph’s in Chorley) and have got together a resource for schools to use with both pupils and with families.  This resource can be found on the Synod Web site, under ‘resources’.


All the gatherings have been reminded of Pope Francis’ vision of a Synodal Church and using some of his inspirational writing in ‘Evangelii Gaudium’ have been invited to catch something of his vision for a Church, on fire with the call to be missionary disciples.  And this is lived out in the context of our parishes and schools.


At all three events there has been a real enthusiasm for taking hold of this God given moment in the story of our Archdiocese to be, in the words of Pope Francis, bold and creative in our search for the new tools for evangelisation that our times and situations demand.  There was a passion shown for sharing the faith, for encouraging children and families to take an active part in the life, mission and worship of the Catholic Church and a realisation of the demands that that will make.  People acknowledged the time pressures (and economic pressures) in family life and the difficult decisions that have to be made because of that.


There was a hope that the Synod will not just be a talking-shop but be a real ‘kairos moment’ when new action will be set in place.  It was felt that Synod cannot be passive but must be active in its deliberations and in its outcomes.


It is true to say that those who came went away knowing more about the Synod and fired up to make sure that the voices of all in our school communities are heard.


Please go to a listening event in your parish or school and/or complete the on-line Synod Survey at www.Synod2020.co.uk

Our Synod and Schools

All the gatherings have been reminded of Pope Francis’ vision of a Synodal Church