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November is the month of Remembrance and this year Archbishop Malcolm will celebrate two Masses for those who have died during the pandemic and in thanksgiving for those who cared for them.


On Sunday 7 November Archbishop Malcolm will celebrate the 11.00 am Mass in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King for all those who have died in the pandemic, and in thanks for the medical staff, care workers and family members who have accompanied and assisted them in the last moments of their lives.  This date has been suggested by the Bishops’ Conference, and similar Masses will be taking place in cathedrals across England and Wales.


On Friday 12 November at 7.00 pm the Archbishop will again celebrate Mass in the Metropolitan Cathedral for all our priests who have died since the beginning of the pandemic, he writes:

‘I am aware that many of us could not be present at their funerals due to Covid restrictions. Indeed, while united in prayer and perhaps live streaming for these occasions, the inability to be physically present, I am sure, only served to compound the sense of loss, as it has for so many others across the world during the various lockdowns.  It is therefore important that we come together to remember and pray for our priests who have died during this period, including for Bishop Vincent Malone.  His funeral was dignified and prayerful, but the starkness of laying him to rest with only a few of us there, and with all the other limitations on what we could do, is a contrast to what would have taken place had the world been different in May 2020, for a bishop who had a very special place at the heart of our archdiocese.


‘All those priests who have died during the pandemic, of Covid or other causes, have given a life of service to the People of God, and it is only right that we remember and give thanks for their contribution, and pray for their eternal peace.’


We will remember:


Bishop Vincent Malone

Bishop of Abora and Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool

Born in Liverpool 11 September 1931

Ordained at St Oswald’s, Old Swan 18 September 1955

Ordained Titular Bishop of Abora and Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool by Archbishop Derek Worlock in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King 3 July 1989

Died 18 May 2020


Rev Joseph Weston30 April 2020

Rev Bernard Eager29 June 2020

Rev Anthony Garrett03 September 2020

Monsignor Austin Hunt06 October 2020

Rev Desmond Power30 October 2020

Rev Michael Youell30 November 2020

Rev James Clarkson02 January 2021

Rev James Matthews16 January 2021

Rev Gerard Britt20 January 2021

Rev Peter Fox24 February 2021

Canon Albert Shaw25 May 2021

Rev Brendan Rice17 September 2021


Members of Religious Orders

Rev Owen Grant MHM03 April 2020

Rev John Sweeney MHM09 April 2020

Rev Brian Russell CSsR17 February 2021

Rev Anthony Johnson CSsR26 June 2021

Rev Martin Gay CSsR06 August 2021

Rev Joseph Duggan SJ24 August 2021

Rev Joseph Holmes MHM30 September 2021



Grant, we pray O Lord,

that the souls of your servants and priests,

whom you honoured with sacred office

while they lived in this world

may exult for ever in the glorious home of heaven.

Masses of Remembrance

It is therefore important that we come together to remember and pray for our priests