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Fr John Daley Chaplain to the Catholic Men’s Society (CMS) of Great Britain and John Smartt, Secretary to the Executive Council, were surprised to read in February’s edition of the ‘Catholic Pictorial’ that the CMS of Great Britain had folded in 1987.


They are pictured reading the article while on pilgrimage in Malta: organising retreats, pilgrimages, and days of recollection being one of the one of the promotions of the CMS.


Whilst on the island they also took the opportunity to share this year’s CMS Plan study document for branches and parishes entitled ‘Young People - The Synod’ with potential new members on the pilgrimage.  Each year members of the CMS Planning committee meet to consider feedback from men in the branches in Birmingham, Nottingham, Hallam, Lancaster, Motherwell Leith, Edinburgh and Liverpool along with suggestions of topics from members of the Bishops Conference.  In the last few years suggestions from Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop Bernard Longley, Archbishop Peter Smith, and several bishops have contributed to the compiling of the next year’s Plan.


As well as providing a forum for men to discuss their faith and its application to everyday life by way of planned discussions in the parish, the Society also organises opportunities for developing men’s spirituality, by way of its promotions of the Mass, liturgy, retreats, pilgrimages and social formation encouraging men to get involved in their parish life.


Dean O’Brien from Limerick, started the first branch in England at St Vincent’s in Sheffield in May 1854, a branch that still exists today.  Branches followed in Liverpool and other cities.  The aim of the Society is the same today as it was at its foundation: Christian Adult Formation for men, enabling them to know, love and serve the Lord and to provide experiences for developing men’s spirituality in the parish setting.


So contrary to the February article the CMS is still alive and active, maybe fewer in numbers, but there are still groups of men who wish to continue the ethos and aims of the CMS and are active in setting up new branches.

For further information or if you are interested in forming or reforming a branch to assist in your parish please contact: john.smartt45@gmail.com 


Catholic Men’s Society of Great Britain

So contrary to the February article the CMS is still alive and active, maybe fewer in numbers