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Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School in Birkdale welcomed back lots of children into Nursery and Reception at the start of term.  


However, they were not alone in their excitement and enthusiasm for a new start as they were visited by the new Head, Mrs Catherine McDermott as she came to the end of her first full week.  She chatted with them about new beginnings and asked them what they were looking forward to doing.  Rather like many of the Reception children, who moved up from Nursery. she is not really new to the School as she was appointed as Deputy Head in 2018 but like the children she too is settling into new routines.  


On the retirement of their long-serving Head, Maureen Hillsdon, the Governors were delighted when Mrs McDermott agreed to be Acting Head as she can provide a seamless transition which is so essential in the current pandemic.


Unlike the children who were each presented with a Teddy bear, wearing an Our Lady of Lourdes tee shirt to take home and have adventures with, Mrs McDermott was presented with lots of paperwork.


Reflecting on her first week as Head she felt proud that all of the changes put in place to support the children and staff worked so smoothly.  The rewards of being the Head of such a wonderfully supportive ‘family’ far outweigh the challenges.


The Birkdale community wishes Mrs McDermott, all the staff and children an exciting and productive journey together.

All new together at Our Lady’s

She is not really new to the School