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Catholic Pic April 2020

The Academy of St Francis of Assisi said ‘see you soon’ to its Year 11s on Friday 20 March as schools across Liverpool and the rest of the UK closed due to the coronavirus.


It was an emotional day for students and staff who had to say farewell earlier than planned, following the Government’s decision to close schools in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


A special assembly took place in order to pay thanks to the students’ hard work and commitment to the ASFA community over the past five years.


Chaplain Phil Johnson also paid a special tribute and sung ‘Be Humble and Kind’ to the students.


Staff from across the academy wrote a message for students evoking tears, laughter and togetherness, truly exemplifying the community spirit and ethos at ASFA.


Head of School, Kevin Maddocks, said: “Unfortunately we have had to say ‘see you soon’ to our year 11s a little earlier than we imagined but it certainly isn’t ‘goodbye’ just yet.


“I’m so incredibly proud of how well our year 11 cohort have conducted themselves during this uncertain time. Like the team and I, they have had to quickly understand a lot of the changes that are now in place regarding exams and their future.”


Kevin added: “We look forward to welcoming them back in near future.”

It’s not goodbye just yet  

Unfortunately we have had to say ‘see you soon’ to our Year 11s a little earlier than we imagined