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8th Penwortham St Teresa’s Scouts, started by parents and parishioners of St Teresa’s Church, are celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2020.  A Church Parade at Mass, followed by a group photo, began the year long celebrations.


The most ambitious event planned by the group is the ‘Start a Heart Charity Challenge Walk for Life’ which aims to raise £5000.  The challenge will involve all sections of the group and aims to complete a virtual walk of the England and Wales Coastal Paths, the England/ Scotland Border and a group ride of the famous Preston Guild Wheel.  


Each week at Beaver, Cub and Scout activity nights and camps, all miles walked or cycled by the attending members will be logged and added to a progress tracker in the form of a map of England and Wales.  Along the way the Scouts will connect with other Scouts around the route and ask them to send something representing their group.


The group have already clocked up 450 miles and raised over £750 towards their target.

The money raised will be used to provide and maintain a defibrillator for Church, the Parish Centre and the Community of Penwortham.  Any remaining money from the £5000 target, will be shared with St Catherine’s Hospice and Heartbeat Cardiac Care North West.


The Scouts chose this challenge as it promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, serves the community and promotes teamwork.  Everyone at 8th Penwortham Scouts are immensely proud of the fun, friendship, excitement and ultimately the ‘Skills for Life’ that Scouting brings to the young people of the parish and look forward with enthusiasm to the next 50 years.

Scouts Celebrate 50th Anniversary

Along the way the Scouts will connect with other Scouts