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Colin and Lorna from our CARITAS team along with volunteers from Epsom Street Community Centre, were invited to attend the Liverpool Good Food Plan Launch on Thursday, 7 October 2021 at St. George’s Everton.


The development of the first part of the plan involved a wide range of organisations and people across Liverpool and Nugent had been involved in the initial listening project focus groups.  The focus groups explored resident’s experiences of accessing food in their communities and what being a Good Food city could look like to them.


Liverpool’s Good Food Plan is a plan that will address key issues related to the food we eat in Liverpool; including: food insecurity; access to and take-up of healthy, nutritious food; the impact the food we eat is having on our planet and the practices by which the food we eat is produced.


It connects to and builds on existing work in the city and nationally, including Liverpool’s City Plan, Liverpool’s Pandemic Pledges, the Poverty Action Group and the Food Insecurity Task Force, Food Power, Liverpool’s Healthy Weight Declaration and Feeding Britain.


The plan is born from the belief that together, we can create a city where everyone can eat Good Food, no matter who they are and where they live.


We believe that we can not only reduce the critical levels of hunger and food insecurity that have been accentuated by the pandemic, but that we can use this pivotal moment in history to work together and change our food system to become a true ‘Good Food City’ and end the need for food banks.


Good Food means different things to different people. We want to continue to involve a wide range of people and organisations in the city to define what Good Food means to them and bring that shared vision to reality together.


We see this time as a pivotal moment in history; a time of significant change and challenge and a real need to work together to create real change.  We know that doing the same thing that we did before is not an option and we are working towards a brighter future, where everyone in Liverpool has an equitable chance at reaping the benefits of eating Good Food.  It’s time for us to come together to bring our vision of ‘Good Food’ to life.


‘Good Food City’

The plan is born from the belief that together, we can create a city where everyone can eat Good Food