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I am writing this column in April but who knows what the future will hold by May. Nobody of course, but there is nothing to stop us from looking into the past.


You may remember that some time ago I was encouraging you all to write down jottings from your life. Well, now is the perfect time to do it, don't you think? Even those who use computers can join in, but do print them out because computers are bound to be replaced by some other fantastical machines in time to come, but paper and pen (and possibly print on paper) will still survive.


Think of the machines that have largely disappeared in our lifetimes: slide viewers, reel-to-reel tape recorders, cassette recorders, floppy discs; lots of things that we kept our records on have gone. So why not get busy writing your memories? Did you wear hand-me-downs, toast bread on forks before the fire (which was probably a coal fire), have a relative who worked in service, or was in the Land Army, or had an uncle with a wooden leg? I dare you to do it.


I would like to thank all our clergy for the way they have adapted to the current situation by streaming services on computers, ringing parishioners to check on them, even walking around their parishes and ringing doorbells. We also thank our seminarians, home from their studies, who are helping out in our parishes. Everyone is playing their part.



Those of us who are confined at home well know the power of prayer so we will all be storming heaven. Our Blessed Mother will surely join us. We must also keep moving – so do a samba in your living room or conga down the hall. All meetings and services are cancelled or postponed for now so until the next time, ladies, keep safe and well. May God bless us all.


Madelaine McDonald

media officer

Mums the Word

Think of the machines that have largely disappeared in our lifetimes