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More than 100 members of the Union of Catholic Mothers gathered together for our National Council and Annual General Meeting at the Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick, Derbyshire in May. Once again we heard about all the wonderful work both nationally and internationally that our representatives do on our behalf – and we thank them most sincerely for it.


We also saw Mrs Kate Moss inaugurated as the new UCM national secretary, meaning that now all three national officers come from the Liverpool Archdiocese. You will have heard of the Northern Powerhouse – well, it is really happening in the UCM!


On the return journey, the three aforementioned national officers plus nine other members were squeezed into a minibus stuffed with boxes, banners and other impedimenta (oh alright, then – stuff) when we heard a rattle and a bang and smelled the whiff of diesel fumes. ‘We have a problem,’ declared the driver as we pulled onto a very narrow grass verge on the extremely  busy A50 and then waited for over two hours to be rescued by the AA.


Picture the scene: 12 ladies on the side of the road with scores of coaches, lorries, cars and motorbikes thundering past us – and we only attracted one beep of a horn. Obviously the days of our youth have gone! Eventually two large taxis came to our aid and we arrived home tired and hungry but safe.    


• The annual Pilgrimage to Walsingham comes around again on 1-3 July. A coachful of members along with some of our chaplains will travel across to Norfolk on Monday 1st and we pray that Our Lady will provide us with her usual good weather. We will pray for all of your intentions while we are there and we ask for your prayers for a successful pilgrimage.

• Please remember that the next bi-monthly Mass will be held on Wednesday 10 July at St George's, Maghull, L31 3DF at 7.30 pm. Please come if you can.


God bless,

Madelaine McDonald,

media officer



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Eventually two large taxis came to our aid