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How can Lent have stolen up on me so quickly? I am still finding odd bits of Christmas decorations that have not found their way up to the loft. Clearly,   I must do better!


How to do better for Lent, though? Father David Potter, the UCM’s spiritual director for Liverpool Archdiocese, told us a beautiful story in his homily at our last Bi-monthly Mass.    


He told us about a church in a small village in Germany, which was almost destroyed during the Second World War. The local people really loved their church and especially a very old crucifix which it contained. Imagine their distress, therefore, when they found the crucifix among the ruins of the church, but minus its arms, which had been blasted off in the attack.


After the restoration of the church, some villagers wanted a replica to be made; others called for the crucifix to be kept, but with new arms. It was finally decided to put the crucifix back with no arms and a notice saying ‘You are My arms’. What better thing could we do for Lent than to become the arms of Our Lord? Not with a massive wonderful gesture but through many small acts of devotion, kindness or helpfulness. A warm thank you to Fr Potter for an inspiring story.


Ladies, please remember that on Friday 6 March we celebrate Women’s World Day of Prayer. There will be many services around the diocese so I hope that you can find one to attend. Also in March we celebrate two national saints’ days, so I wish all our members with Welsh names or connections a happy St David’s Day, and likewise our Irish members on St Patrick’s Day.


The March bi-monthly Mass is at St Aidan’s, Winstanley (WN 6EE) on Wednesday 11 March at 7.30pm. Many congratulations, finally, to St Aidan’s UCM who are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their foundation.


Madelaine McDonald,

media officer

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The local people really loved their church and especially a very old crucifix