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I hope that by the time you read this, words like lockdown, shielding and masks will be receding into the background and instead activities like churchgoing, hairdressing and shopping trips, and perhaps even UCM meetings will be  – if not actually happening – then at least well into the planning stage.


Just imagine praying our UCM prayer together again, celebrating those Bi-Monthly Masses, booking speakers and demonstrations, planning fund-raising events. I've missed those strawberry teas … seeing who has put weight on, and who has gone grey!


Seriously, the thanks and prayers of all members are due to all our clergy who have done such sterling work during the lockdown, giving us the opportunity to be present at streamed Masses and other times of prayer. We think of those priests who have reached special anniversaries of their ordination, but have not been able to celebrate fully with family and friends – hopefully, they will be able to have some kind of festivity when we emerge from this pandemic. Of course, newly ordained priests hold a special place in our hearts so we welcome Father Peter Murphy.  Although the congregation was reduced at his ordination, nothing could dim the pride of his family; congratulations to all.


Today being Tuesday 7 July I have just watched the live-streamed Mass from Walsingham on what should have been our pilgrimage day. The celebrant mentioned that it should have been our day and he lit a candle for us. I was remembering all those lovely outdoor Masses followed by picnics in the meadow, then processing to the Abbey Grounds for Benediction.  I am sure it never rained (well it might have done, but why let truth spoil a good story?).    I am looking forward to next year already.


Keep your eye on the UCM Matters newsletter for information about the September Bi-Monthly Mass at St George’s, Maghull.  At the moment it is not looking too hopeful, but we shall see.

Till we meet again, stay safe and well everyone. May God bless us all.


Madelaine McDonald,

media officer

Mums the Word

Just imagine praying our UCM prayer together again