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After a long period of preparation, the order’s annual supreme conference took place in Liverpool over three days from 1-3 October, culminating with Sunday Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral.


As readers will have seen, we have been making frequent reference to this important event which is normally held in Glasgow, where the KSC was founded over 100 years ago, but which this year was held here in honour of Liverpool being the home of the first council and province in England. Last month’s Pic featured an interview with Brother Ray Pealing, our provincial grand knight, and this edition profiles Brother Bertie Grogan, our supreme knight, who was recently made a Knight of St Gregory by Pope Francis. A full report on the conference will follow in the November Pic.


• The annual provincial memorial Mass for deceased members will be held at the Cathedral on Sunday 7 November at 11am. This will be the normal Sunday Mass but the order has been accorded a number of reserved places along with permission to supply readers for the spiritual readings and participation in the offertory procession.


• The COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference will be held in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November, attended by world leaders including Pope Francis. To mark the occasion the Knights of St Columba, in conjunction with the Knights of St Columbanus, Ireland, and the International Alliance of Catholic Knights, will be holding 40 hours’ Adoration for COP 26 at St Mary’s Church, Calton, Glasgow. This will run from 8pm on 1 November to 12 noon on 3 November and the theme will be the Sanctity of Life from Conception to Death. The event will be led and stewarded by the KSC and will also be live-streamed to enable wider participation.


Websites: www.ksc.org.uk and www.kscprov02.weebly.com 

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Conferences dominate KSC agenda

The COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference will be held in Glasgow