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The Fraternal Cross of the Knights of St Columba is a cross mounted on a wooden, circular plaque. It is a reminder for members of our order of the sacrifice that Our Lord made on the cross for all of us, and it is a significant focal point which brings us together.


The concept of the cross started in Wolverhampton some years ago. Powerful links were established with fellow brothers in Scunthorpe in the east, London in the south and Swansea in the west, thus mimicking the shape of the cross across the country. It is an idea that has since been taken up across the world by other orders.


In this country, it has completed a number of pilgrimages and it has been on the road once again this summer. The Fraternal Cross arrived in Liverpool province on Sunday 7 July from our neighbouring province in North Wales, and the following day it went on display at a special Mass in honour of St Columba at St Francis of Assisi, Garston, preceded by Benediction.


We thank Father Joe Kendall, parish priest, for arranging and celebrating the Mass and for his kind words of encouragement in praise of the work of the KSC. The cross was subsequently taken to the Blessed Sacrament Shrine, for a Mass on 10 July, and to the Columba Chapel at the Metropolitan Cathedral on the  18th. Our photo shows a group of Knights with the cross following the Mass at St Francis of Assisi.


• The Knights of Wirral Council 51 are celebrating the award of £7,280 from the National Lottery Community Fund. This is in recognition of their Wirral Tuesday Club, a social outlet for the less able which has been operating since 1971, following a simple formula of music, bingo and a raffle with the opportunity to socialise. It is open to all, and four or five KSC members volunteer each week to ensure it runs smoothly. The award will ensure the long-term future of the Tuesday Club, covering the cost of room hire and the provision of special transport.


Websites: www.ksc.org.uk and www.kscprov02.weebly.com

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Knights’ Fraternal Cross comes to Liverpool

The cross was subsequently taken to the Blessed Sacrament Shrine