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50 years ago, to the day, since he first served at the Metropolitan Cathedral on 10 February 1968 Julian Daley received the Bene Merenti from Archbishop Malcolm McMahon in recognition of his service.  


St Francis Xavier, where Julian was a pupil, were asked to provide servers for a Mass for secondary schools.  Julian takes up the story, ‘rather to my surprise, I was chosen, even more to my surprise, the Cathedral invited me back two weeks later, to serve on Ash Wednesday, and I've been here ever since.  I've also been a reader, Eucharistic minister, Pastoral Congress delegate in 1980 and catechist for Confirmation groups’.


Julian is also a Foundation Governor, appointed by Liverpool Anglican Diocese, at St Hilda's which was his daughter Rosemary's secondary school.  He now serves as Vice-Chair and St Hilda's presented him with a booklet to mark the Bene Merenti, full of messages of congratulations, support and thanks from every form in the school.


Julian says, ‘I intend to carry on serving as long as I enjoy serving, and I'm enjoying it more than ever.  I'm stunned by the award, and even more by the reaction of family and friends, at the Cathedral and St Hilda's.  Being Jesuit educated, I've always tried to discern what God is calling me to do; I hope I've made myself useful’.


Cathedral servers, Ashlyn Chiong, Isabella McKenna and Luke McLoughlin received their Guild medals from the Archbishop at the same Mass and on 27 January Gia Birch received her Guild medal from Monsignor Peter Cookson at St Vincent de Paul.

Julian’s 50 years at the Cathedral

I intend to carry on serving as long as I enjoy serving

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