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By Józef Łopuszyński


A very successful Altar Servers training weekend was held at St Mary’s Shrine Church, Warrington.  The course was attended by people from across the country wishing to learn to serve the traditional Roman Mass, especially the Low Mass.   The students worked hard practising how to assist the Priest at the Altar during Holy Mass and Benediction and meals were provided by Choir Member, Kirsty.


One of the younger servers said, ‘I thought the training I received was first class.  Superior, Father de Malleray, was very clear on what he wanted us to do: what to carry, directions to walk around the altar, etc.  It was very enjoyable, and I consistently prayed to St Stephen to make a success of the training.’

FSSP Servers’ training at St Mary’s

I thought the training I received was first class

10 NEWS April 2018 FSSP Servers Training Pic