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The international environment conference, COP 26, which began in Glasgow at the beginning of the month is now coming to a close and we are left with considering how we can meet our responsibilities to improving the environment so that the earth for our children’s children will be safe and healthy.  Pope Francis calls the earth our common home and this simple phrase sums up the closeness and the urgency of what lies ahead.


Our homes are a place of peace and love, they are where we are safe and nurtured.  They are places of refuge and refreshment in what can be turbulent lives for many people.  But our home does not exist in isolation from the world around it.  When you think about it, the earth provides all that makes our homes what they are.  But we must be sure that what is good for us doesn’t transfer a problem elsewhere.  For example, in our country we breathe clean air which make the ‘smogs’ I grew up with in London a distant memory, but this is not simply the result of the clean air acts which were passed by government.  Much of our dirty manufacturing industry has been transferred to countries in the Far East and their populations suffer from pollution.  The earth is truly a common home – what goes on in one place affects somewhere else.

We must not feel overwhelmed by the problem; we can all take small steps on this journey to preserving our planet.  One thing I am doing is to travel more on public transport, like Pope Francis did in Buenos Aires, so I look forward to seeing you on the buses and trains around the archdiocese.


Most Rev Malcolm McMahon OP

Archbishop of Liverpool

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Our homes are a place of peace and love