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Making decisions about our future is always difficult because the future is always unknown.  We can make predictions from past trends and also make plans expressing our hopes, but how many of them actually turn out as expected?  Establishing a solid foundation is always a good first step.  When I was leaving university nearly fifty years ago an important aspect of any job or career path I considered was whether it had a good pension plan to look after me in my old age.  Such secure financial provisions are very much a thing of the past, reduced pensions are very common, and some pension schemes have folded altogether.


For believers, security for the future lies in the hope that we have in Jesus, and that hope is not based on our efforts but on the resurrection of Jesus.  That is taking the long view, I admit, and it doesn’t absolve us from making our best efforts to provide a better future for each other, but it helps if we can see God at work in the good things we work for.  As we work towards Synod 2020, enter Lent and approach Brexit the task is the same; and that is to be open to the work of the God’s Spirit in our lives.  If we exclude God from our deliberations and think that the future lies entirely in our own hands, then we are making a big mistake.


Most Rev Malcolm McMahon OP

Archbishop of Liverpool

From the Archbishop’s Desk

For believers, security for the future lies in the hope that we have in Jesus