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From the Archbishop’s Desk

February is a dull month as it can be wintry and grey, and we can get miserable.  This was not always so.  In the ancient world, February was a time for ritual cleansing, for preparation.  The word ‘February’ comes from a Latin word for purging or purification which meant more than bodily cleanliness.  

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Our front cover this month shows Sunday Mass celebrated in the Church of the Holy Family in Gaza ...

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Cathedral Record

A major focus for the Diocese this year is Eucharistic Adoration as we prepare to welcome representatives from parishes across ...

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On a liturgical note

Canon Philip Gillespie

This month begins with a feast which our brothers and sisters in the Orthodox Church refer to as ‘The Encounter’  ...

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Sunday thoughts    

Mgr John Devine OBE

We are good at knowing who’s right and who’s wrong, who’s good and who’s bad. According to this model, an important function of priest  ...

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Follow me

Just recently I was visiting a man in a prison many miles from here. He is a teacher by profession who has ruined his life ...

Animate photo challenge

Animate: My challenges for Lent

I am Molly, a gap-year volunteer from Widnes and in my work with the Animate team


Mums the Word

Ladies, 6 February 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the Act of Parliament granting 8.4 million women over the age of 30 the right  ...

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preparations begin

A busy year lies ahead for the Knights of St Columba as preparations begin to mark the centenary of our foundation  ...

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Justice & Peace

If you are wondering what to do this Lent, then here’s a suggestion for you to consider. Once again, the Liverpool ...


Christian Unity

Extract from a sermon preached by Dr Christopher McElroy, at Choral Evensong in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on Sunday 21 January to celebrate ...

Together we are  Nugent

Nugent strives to show how the teachings of Christian love, faith and charity can shape the way we live together.

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