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This year the build up to the National Eucharistic Congress has meant that a normally quiet few weeks in August will be taken up with planning meetings and visits from the various groups who are staging exhibitions and events over the Adoremus weekend from 7 -9 September.  


One of the unique contributions from the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton is the installation of a carpet of flowers.  They have had a tradition of designing and laying a carpet of flowers within their Cathedral at Arundel for a considerable number of years and it attracts widespread interest.  The Bishops Conference accepted their offer to create a similar carpet of flowers on a Eucharistic theme in the main aisle of our Cathedral for the weekend celebrations with the Blessed Sacrament being carried over it in procession at the end of the final Mass.  It will be spectacular, but it will also create a significant challenge for us coping without a main aisle for processions and movement around the Cathedral over those few days.


Behind the scenes there has been a tremendous amount of work both locally and nationally by coordinators and others in developing the main Adoremus events, the Parallel Programme and the Youth Conference and it offers an opportunity for all to be involved and feel part of the weekend Eucharistic Congress.  One of the complicated organisational elements has been dealing with all the various agencies regarding road closures and management of the final procession and also the liturgical requirements for such a procession.  Thankfully the National Coordinators are taking responsibility for everything external to the Cathedral on the day –so once the procession leaves the Cathedral I will be able to enjoy the final events without worrying if everything is going to plan.  We look forward to being part of a very special and unique event in the life of the Church in this country.

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Behind the scenes there has been a tremendous amount of work

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