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In 1853 Edward Welby Pugin was instructed to draw plans for a gothic Cathedral to be sited in the grounds of St Edward's College in Everton and in 1857 Bishop Alexander Goss opened the Lady Chapel of the Cathedral but the project lapsed because of the cost of new parishes and the provision of schools in the diocese.

In 1922 Archbishop Frederick William Keating began a fund for a memorial to his predecessor Archbishop Thomas Whiteside.  Archbishop Richard Downey succeeded him in 1928


Our Archbishops

The Cathedra is the seat or chair of the Archbishop in the Cathedral.  There have been four Archbishops of Liverpool since 1967.

Bp Harris

Our Auxiliary Bishops

Auxiliary Bishops assist the Archbishop in the running of the Archdiocese.  Since the Consecration of the Metropolitan Cathedral there have been seven ...

Peter Cookson


Monsignor Peter Cookson succeeded Bishop Malone as Cathedral Administrator in 1989 and it was during his time at the Cathedral that the title Cathedral Dean was established ...

Met Cathedral 4427

Cathedral Administrators and Deans

Monsignor Thomas McKenna was the first Administrator of the newly consecrated Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King.

Pope @ Cathedral 1

Papal visit

Pentecost Sunday,

30 May 1982, saw the

visit of Pope St John Paul II

to Liverpool.  

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Royal visitors

In 1979 Mother Teresa was welcomed to the Metropolitan Cathedral by the then Administrator, Canon Michael O’Connor.  

012 Hillsborough

The people’s Cathedral

On Sunday 16 April 1989, the day following Hillsborough, the Cathedral became the focal point of the city.  Thousands flocked to the Cathedral for support as Archbishop Derek Worlock

Chrism April 2017

A year in the life of the Cathedral

Photos depicting a year in the life of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Liverpool

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Cathedral staff

From it’s earliest days the Cathedral has extended a Ministry of Welcome to those coming to worship and visitors alike.

Choir Tour Vatican

Cathedral choir

The unique musical tradition of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral is due almost entirely to the Duffy brothers, Philip held the post of Master of the Music from 1966 to 1996

Golden Book

The Golden Book

A Cathedral does not run itself but relies on dedicated staff and an army of volunteers. The Cathedral Dean, Canon Anthony O’Brien, is assisted in the spiritual life of the Cathedral

st vincents

Cathedral schools

Another aspect of Cathedral life is that it also serves as a parish church, with all the pastoral responsibilities involved including primary schools.

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Dean Anthony O'Brien

For Canon Anthony O’Brien, there was a glimpse of the future of the Metropolitan Cathedral during the Year of Mercy celebrations that took place in 2016.


What's On

A glimpse of the Golden Jubilee celebrations.

Raymond Platt

Our Beautiful Cathedral

A glimpse of some of the photographs taken of the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

041 Foundation Stone Arch Heating


Canon Christopher Cunningham, Winifred Park and Eileen Petrie share their memories of the Metropolitan Cathedral