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By Molly, Animate Youth Ministries member


I am Molly, a gap-year volunteer from Widnes and in my work with the Animate team, I like to do things which are a little bit out of the box. I particularly love this time of year for the opportunity of finding creative ways of preparing for Lent.  


One thing I like to do, for instance, is that over each of the 40 days I will find a different thing around the house that I own which can be thrown away or donated to charity shops. I use this as a way of getting rid of things that I no longer need while giving to charity in the process.


I really like photography and when it comes to Lent, this is one thing that I won’t give up, because that would be exceptionally hard for me. Instead, I take the Lenten photo challenge (see below) whereby you are given a word for each day – blessed, mercy and humble are three such examples – and need to take a photo of something which relates to this word. If you wish, you can then post the image on social media to help spread the word of Lent.


When I am walking down the street during Lent, meanwhile, I will make a point of smiling at people and saying hello to them because that person could live on their own and not see many people and so with a smile and a greeting, you could be helping to make their day that little bit better. Don’t get me wrong, I do try to do smile at people in the street outside of Lent! Sometimes, though, if in a rush to get somewhere, I will just put my headphones in and walk quickly to where I am going. However, by taking the time to slow down and smile and say hello to people, you never know the positive impact you might have.


In short, I enjoy these extra activities at this time of year, on top of the usual giving up of bad habits such as takeaway food and too many Costa coffees. I do that too because I feel like it is a physical preparation for Easter.


Maybe this Lent could be a time for Pic readers to try something different in addition to the traditional fasting and preparing spiritually for Easter time, so why not attempt something similar to the decluttering or photo-taking activities that I’ll be doing?


Dates for the Diary

• Life and Soul, 6 February (7-8pm)

The Animate team will lead an evening of praise and worship music, including Scripture and reflections before the Blessed Sacrament and ending with Benediction, at St Aidan’s, Holmes House Avenue, Wigan, WN3 6EE. Next month’s event will be at St Anne’s, Ormskirk on 20 March.


• Youth Alive Mass, Palm Sunday

Youth Sunday is celebrated globally on Palm Sunday, 25 March, and so to help us think about the gifts our young people bring to the Diocese we will hold a special Mass at St Gregory’s, Weldbank Lane, Chorley, PR7 3NW, starting at 6.30pm (time to be confirmed– please see website or call closer to the date).

My challenges for Lent

I will make a point of smiling at people and saying hello

Animate photo challenge