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A lifelong parishioner at St Clare’s, Liverpool, was recently honoured by Pope Francis.  


Clare Whittington-Egan received the insignia of a Dame of St Gregory the Great from Archbishop Malcolm during Mass on Sunday 4 February.  She was joined by many friends and fellow parishioners for this momentous occasion. Concelebrating the Mass were the parish priest, Canon Aidan Prescott, former assistant priest, Father Richard Sloan and former parishioner, Father Sean Riley.


The Archbishop, reflecting on the Gospel reading of the cure of Simon Peter’s mother-in-law, highlighted the essential contribution of the service of women in the life of the Church.  That is certainly true of Clare, who has dedicated her life to the service of her parish and the wider Church.  She has been involved in many aspects of parish life, being the first lay woman to read at Mass at St Clare’s and being one of the first extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion.  Her musical talent shines through in her capacity as organist and director of the choir; her artistic talent in flower arranging and the displays she puts up at the various festivals during the year.  


Whenever the parish has needed a lay voice to represent it, Clare has usually been the person to contribute to the various consultations and discussions.  All in all, she has been a key member of the parish for decades.


Education has also figured largely in Clare’s life.  She spent her working life as a teacher of art and religious education in several Liverpool schools and has continued to show a commitment to education even in retirement.  She still serves as a governor of Bellerive FCJ Catholic College, Liverpool, and was for a time on the council of Liverpool Hope University.

An outstanding contribution to Catholic life

She has been involved in many aspects of parish life

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