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Children from Our Lady’s Catholic Primary Prescot’s Eco Council visited the new Prescot Fire and Police Station just before its handover from the construction company Wates.  


At the start of the academic year Josh Steiner from Wates spoke to all the children in school about job opportunities in the construction business.  He then met with the Eco Council to discuss how the construction industry are making steps to be more Eco Friendly.


Due to Our Lady’s links with Wates the Eco Council were invited to have a special tour of the new building prior to its handover to the Fire and Community Police services.  ‘I especially enjoyed seeing where the fire engines will race out from,’ said one boy whilst a younger girl asked how the firefighters would get back up the pole.  When the children visited the Faith Room they asked if they could be the first to say a prayer there.  The children prayed for the brave men and women who will serve there as firefighters and Community Police Officers.

One of the children won the design competition for the mosaic which will be placed on the ground at the main entrance of the station. She is pictured holding it whilst praying in the Prayer Room.


The children were given an invitation to return to the station when it is operational and the mosaic is in place.

A first for Our Lady’s Prescot

I especially enjoyed seeing where the fire engines will race out from

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