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Children from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Huyton, have made a BOB (Bat or Bird) Box for Archbishop McMahon to put up in the grounds of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King.  The Cathedral is the latest venue to install one of these boxes, which are currently placed in Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, 10 Downing Street, Chequers and Kew Gardens among many other places.


This school-based project (winner of the Observer Ethical Award in 2011) is a response to Pope Francis’ call to all of humanity to care for our common home in his letter entitled ‘Laudato Si’.  It was embraced by the whole of St Joseph’s community; with pupils, staff, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles involved in making a box for a bat or a bird.


Following training, led by Stephen Burrowes from Cafod and BOB Box’s inventor, family members were invited to come into school and construct a BOB Box with their child for £10.  From the money raised, 25% went straight back to Cafod to maintain the BOB Box initiative.  The remaining 75% was retained by the school to invest in items from the Cafod World Gifts Catalogue.  Thanks to the enthusiasm of the children and the generosity of their families, St Joseph’s School raised £1,060. The children in Year 6 were then given the task of calculating how much money the school could reinvest and which gifts they could buy to help people in under-developed communities overseas.

Archbishop Malcolm was delighted to be part of the school’s response to ‘Laudato Si’ and said, ‘Pope Francis calls the earth our common home.  The children at St Joseph’s have certainly got that message, they care for all creatures, great and small.  The BOB Box which I received has been placed in the garden of Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral.’

A BOB Box for Archbishop Malcolm

Care for our common home

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