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‘Becoming the Church that God is calling us to be.’  


How do you capture 25,000 responses to an invitation to listen to the voice of God?

Obituary of Monsignor Austin Hunt


The name of Monsignor Austin Hunt, who has died aged 88, is synonymous with the permanent diaconate, since for the forty years that he was Director for the Permanent Diaconate


Taking the Common Good seriously


The Common Good was the focus of a live Zoom event with Christine Allen, Director of CAFOD, on 10 October. Arranged by the Archdiocesan Justice and Peace Commission,

Catholic schools shortlisted in this year’s Educate Awards


10 Liverpool Archdiocesan schools have been named in the Educate Awards 2020 shortlist.

North Liverpool secondary schools reaches out to all schools for Advent


This week Alsop High School has released a specially recorded Act of Collective Worship for Advent

Mark speaks in our time


The Bishops Conference and Bible Society have launched the Year of Mark’s Gospel, which begins on Sunday 29 November. Mark’s is the oldest written gospel

Catholic Pic Tours 2021


The Catholic Pic announces two special pilgrimages for readers for 2021, in association with Northern Star Travel

Pupils create a virtual assembly for Remembrance Day


Year 1 pupils from St Paul & St Timothy’s Catholic Infant School in West Derby, produced a virtual assembly for Remembrance Day

Annual Civic Mass


Archbishop Malcolm McMahon celebrated the Annual Civic Mass at 11.00 am on Sunday 23 February in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King

Why I take a

pro-woman stance


By Moira Billinge

During my early nursing career I became friends with another student, a lovely girl, and we both lived in the same nurses’ home

Statement from the President and the Vice-President of the Conference on the National Lockdown


On Wednesday 4 November Parliament passed into law the Regulations

Government grant enables Cathedral and church repairs


The Metropolitan Cathedral along with two Liverpool churches were among the beneficiaries of a £3m government grant awarded last month to the Catholic Bishops’

St Wilfrid’s parishioner walks for Cafod appeal


A parishioner at St Wilfrid’s, Widnes has raised over £2,000 with a sponsored walk for Cafod’s Coronavirus Appeal.


Pope Francis  – Worldwide Prayer Network


November’s Universal Intention of Pope Francis – Pray with the Pope that the progress of robotics and artificial intelligence may always serve humankind


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